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Monstrosity - Enslaving The Masses (7/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 47:19
Band homepage: -


    CD 1 'Crave The Blood'
  1. Imperial Doom
  2. Ceremonial Void
  3. Darkest Dream
  4. Vicious Mental Thirst
  5. Final Cremation
  6. Definitive Inquisition
  7. Immense Malignancy
  8. Horror Infinity
  9. Burden Of Evil
  10. Manic
  11. Stormwinds
  12. Slaves And Masters
    CD 2 'Stages Of Decay'
  13. The Eternal Hunt
  14. Destroying Divinity
  15. Hymns Of Tragedy
  16. Fatal Millennium
  17. Final Cremation
  18. The Angel's Venom
  19. Perpetual War
  20. Burden Of Evil
  21. Deadlock
  22. Horror Infinity
  23. Imperial Doom
  24. Angel Of Death
Monstrosity - Enslaving The Masses
Cult band together with CANNIBAL CORPSE and DEICIDE, MONSTROSITY release with "Enslaving The Masses" a product that will make their die-hard fans very happy. This double-CD contains quite a lot of interesting things!

The first CD, "Crave The Blood", is composed of three demos of the band, which are "Imperial Doom" (1991), "Horror Infinity" (1990) and "Slaves And Masters" (1994). All of them are very decent, and you imagine which impact they had at their release, because they show all the technique and the power of MONSTROSITY. And most of all, "Slaves And Masters" contains tracks that appeared later on the magnificent "Millennium"!

Concerning the second CD, "Stages Of Decay", it's a live-album composed of tracks recorded during different concerts in the USA… Very decent sound though a bit raw and under produced, good audience, no technical problems. Quite a good live album, and Jason Avery, who's replacing Corpsegrinder on vocals, shows us he's got guts.v All in all a very nice double-CD for those who enjoy MONSTROSITY! And for those who still don't know this band, that's the opportunity to get to know them.

Thomas Bonnicel

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