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Tanqeray - Promo-CD (-/10) - Austria - 1999

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 07:47
Band homepage: Tanqeray


  1. John Barleycorn
  2. The Beggar
  3. Sketch for "With A Smile"
Tanqeray - Promo-CD

You cannot really count this as a full CD-review, as TANQERAY's debut-release more is a promotion-CD for labels etc. And those should listen really closely!

TANQERAY play a healthy mixture of Folk and Metal, with some thrashy influences. SKYCLAD and the MERLONS without doubt have had their share in the band's musical creations. Intruiging duels between violin and e-guitar, supported by the rhythm section, acoustic guitar and a quite original interpretation of traditional songs also give the material the necessary originality.

Two tracks and a preview of a then yet unfinished song don't give you a complete picture of TANQERAY, but who has seen this band play live only once, knows that they are able to outplay any band on a good day!

Manuel Inhester

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