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Silence - Enola (8/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 31:47
Band homepage: Silence


  1. Suicidal Angels
  2. Sun Goes Down
  3. Heartstabbed
  4. The Razorblade-Rattle
  5. Life's Bastard
  6. Shadowseason
  7. Enola
Silence - Enola
Oh, what a nice DigiPak in the mail, that's something to light up the day, hehe. SILENCE - never heard it (Hah, what a nice pun ;)

OK, "Enola" breathes the aura of a very certain band: SENTENCED. The atmosphere, the guitar-sound, the melancholy, the lyrics, everything reminds a lot of the Finns, yet SILENCE somehow manage not to sound like SENTENCED. Sounds a little strange, but still it's true. In some parts they are a good bit faster than "the northernmost killers themselves" and they also use more keyboards.

The opener "Suicidal Angels" combines mid-paced double-bass with a rough voice and not exactly happy sounding guitars, which indeed have a SENTENCED-touch to them. Very catchy, well produced, this start makes you want more, and you get more (would be a little short, if not...) "Sun Goes Down" now really sounds like SENTENCED with keyboards, but that's not negative, not many complain about HAMMERFALL sounding exactly like older HELLOWEEN, so what? "Life's Bastard" brings another facet of SILENCE to the surface, straighter, faster, melancholic, but not sad, just like the following, even a little bit faster "Shadowseason", which not only features some keyboards, but for the first time real double-bass.

So what should I say? Who likes the above-mentioned sound needs "Enola" and who doesn't necessarily need "Oh, how happy I am to skip over a field of flowers"-stuff, should also give this hopeful German band the chance it deserves!
Contact: Silence, c/o Stefan Müller, Siedlung 77, D-97342 Tiefenstockheim, Germany - E-Mail.

Alexander Melzer

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