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Heave - Self Destruction (9,5/10) - Sweden - 1998

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 17:14
Band homepage: Heave


  1. Never Fall
  2. Insanity
  3. Why
  4. Die 4 Your Sins
  5. Never Fall (Laidback Version)
Heave - Self Destruction
Man, this CD really has an odyssey on its back. Released in 1998 the band generously sent it to me still that year, but it has arrived, brace yourselves, just last week... I guess that's what you call express-mail...

That I still review this mini-CD after all that time has one simple reason: It's good, very good! Already the opening "Never Fall" blows me through the room straight through the next wall. Great riff, then a pumping bass and then the madness sets in: Crunchy guitars, mid-paced rhythm and absolutely brilliant vocals. Musically you could roughly place it into powerful Melodic Metal, but still they own far more edges than almost all bands of that genre, which again is proved by the double-bass setting in towards the end.

"Insanity" then starts out a good bit more modern and heavier, could almost be categorised as Alternative Metal, but believe it or not, even that sounds great from HEAVE (and I can guarantee you, when I start to like Alternative Metal, it means a lot!). And "Why" also has a modern touch, but it is embedded so excellently into their melodic Metal that it all is out of one mould, Per Richard's outstanding vocals again play a big part in that.

"Die 4 Your Sins" then has something from MEMORY GARDEN, CANDLEMASS or SORCERER, combined with a shout-chorus (including some Halford-esque screams) and increased heaviness, before getting back to the sound of just before. And to finish the CD; there is a "laidback version" of "Never Fall", an acoustic version, which almost reaches the mastery of the original, because here the voice of Per Richard gets even more room, which is seized from the spot!

Unfortunately the record-labels again have ignored a more than just hopeful newcomer. But should you see this CD anywhere, get it, if you don't like it, I'll take it for you, guaranteed!

Alexander Melzer

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