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Heave - Lies (9,5/10) - Sweden - 2000

Genre: Melodic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 19:52
Band homepage: Heave


  1. Into Your World
  2. Lies
  3. Mayhem
  4. Time
  5. Lies (Remix)
Heave - Lies
After "Beguile" and "Self Destruction" the four Swedes of HEAVE are offering us their third demo-mini-CD in "Lies". After "Self Destruction" had been a very delicious slab of finest steel, I was really bating my breath for "Lies" and I haven't been disappointed for sure!

"Into Your World" shows off the whole extra-class of vocalist Per Richard, laid over a Melodic Metal-stomper of middle pace, but that should only be the appetiser for the "Never Fall" of "Lies", because the title-track is another extraordinary track from HEAVE. Armed with a impressive guitar-line, Richard's vocals drill themselves directly into your brain. Probably best described as rough Melodic Metal, it is a very flowing and accessible song, which you won't get out of ear for a while.

After the nice acoustic-piece "Time", HEAVE again offer is something that the acoustic version of "Never Fall" on "Self Destruction" already had been: The highlight of the CD in a different version. In this case "Lies" has been re-mixed. For my ears that more often than not goes horribly wrong, but here the song gets a completely new face, without e-guitars, but less clear vocals and a slight female voice, this way re-mixes are real fun!

So, my friends of the soft smack in the face, which will turn into a pleasure through the great melodies, check out this band, because it is good, excellent even! And all the A&R-people at the labels, before you re-discover HAMMERFALL for the 23.784th time, listen to this quartet, because that they still don't have a contract is almost a breach of the Geneva Convention for talented Metal-bands!

Alexander Melzer

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