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Sinister - Creative Killings (7/10) - Netherlands - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 36:13
Band homepage: Sinister


  1. Relic Of Possession
  2. Bleeding Towards The Wendigo
  3. Creative Killings
  4. Judicious Murder
  5. Reviving The Dead
  6. Early Gothic Horror
  7. Moralistic Suffering
  8. Altering The Beast
  9. Season Of The Wicked
  10. Storm In My Mind
Sinister - Creative Killings
As they've been around for almost ten years, everyone knows them or has at least heard about the Dutch band SINISTER. And as usual, they come back again with some good old violent Death Metal and this new album, "Creative Killings".

No surprise here (apart from the very soft intro "Relic Of Possession"), that's very violent, and you'll feel like listening to some CANNIBAL CORPSE-tracks from the era of "The Bleeding". The only 'new' thing is that the person screaming like a pig behind the microphone is a girl, Rachel! After having seen her on stage with her other band OCCULT, and then later with SINISTER, I already knew that she was very cute, but also that she had a huge voice, that makes a lot of male singers sound ridiculous. And that's confirmed, she's even sounding way more guttural on album than on stage, so much that I wonder if she doesn't use effects… because Chris Barnes sounds almost like a teenager compared to Rachel, who's very close to the vocals of FLESHGRIND! So it might be worthy buying the album just to listen to her.

Else, even if it's very well done, it's not original at all, and as all the real Death Metal-fans already have tons of albums like this one, maybe it's not so interesting anymore. But you're old enough to choose by yourself!

Thomas Bonnicel

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