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Fall Of Serenity - Demo-Tracks 2000 (6,5/10) - Germany - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 13:57
Band homepage: Fall Of Serenity


  1. The Price Of Innocence
  2. Masters Of Chaos
  3. The Gift Of Fury
  4. Holy Divinity
Fall Of Serenity - Demo-Tracks 2000
Death Metal is the law with Thuringia's FALL OF SERENITY and their demo. Combined with some less intense and more melodic parts they are thundering through their four tracks.

Technically you cannot point your finger at the guys, the song-material - well, it's nothing special, I'd pretty much call it standard. The songs are well-structured, avoiding stupid blasting as well as senseless breaks, but managing a good flow within the compositions, where unfortunately the vocals are too one-dimensional for my taste (despite two vocalists). Sure, this is a "problem" of many Death Metal-bands, but here FALL OF SERENITY limit themselves more than through their music.

If they manage to overcome this and also add more interesting passages like the melodious guitars in the opener "The Price Of Innocence", the six guys are on the right way.

Contact: Fall Of Serenity, c/o Ulli Walther, Mönchgrüner Weg 4, D-07907 Schleiz, Germany,

Alexander Melzer

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