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Overlorde - Overlorde 2000 (9/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 15:04
Band homepage: Overlorde


  1. Blackness
  2. Hell Hath No Fury >mp3
  3. Ogre Wizard
  4. Metallic Madness
Overlorde - Overlorde 2000
This band is pure Metal! Without frills they are powering ahead. No choirs, no orchestral parts, no easy melodies, just pure and unbound power is what OVERLORDE are offering us here.

Back in the Eighties there already had been a legendary, much sought-after EP, which I do not know, though. As their new vocalist they have taken up Bobby Lucas, who already could be heard on the brilliant EXHIBITION-demo. What this guy, who's nicknamed "Leatherlungs", is presenting us with at OVERLORDE can barely be put into words! Vocals as we haven't heard since the last STEEL PROPHET! Great!

The four offered songs are all great examples for mystic Power Metal of the old school. Who has heard songs like "Ogre Wizard" or "Hell Hath No Fury" once, will never forget the name of OVERLORDE again. The Metal-community so eagerly awaited a sign from the Metal-godz, here it is: OVERLORDE. I implore you, OVERLORDE, I need more from you! And all you labels: Are you deaf?

Ralf Henn

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