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Rival - Modern World (8,5/10) - USA - 2000

Genre: US-Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 37:15
Band homepage: Rival


  1. Modern World
  2. Half Alive
  3. Death Stalker
  4. Tides Of Fate
  5. Evil Within
  6. Euthanasia
  7. In Silence
  8. Out Of Line
  9. The Chosen
Rival - Modern World
OMEN is the first thing that shoots through my brain. At least where the vocals are concerned, RIVAL are flowing closely. The voice sounds a lot like J.D. Kimball, who had ennobled the first three OMEN-releases with his rough, dark organ! But rival don't sound as MAIDEN-esque as OMEN. Their swift US-Metal is very 80-oriented, but sounds original enough.

Who likes true Heavy Metal without frills, just straight and powerful should note the name of RIVAL in his notebook. The self-financed disc "Modern World" already is the second release of the Chicago-group. There is an EP with five tracks, which already hinted at the class of these Americans. You can order that one for 8 bucks while the whole CD is 10 dollars only. And do not fear, you won't find any "modern sounds" on this one, as you might conclude from the title! The production also is very strong, something you don't get with all self-produced CDs.

Should you now want to send your money over the ocean, you can also get "Modern World" via Hellion Records! Don't hesitate, order! I for my part will try to get an intie with those guys! This album should be a feast for all the labels, too. The second comeback-OMEN-CD is imminent and I wager that they won't get even near RIVAL! Guaranteed!

Ralf Henn

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