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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - SARX - Of Natural Rage

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Sarx - Of Natural Rage (6/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 38:01
Band homepage: Sarx


  1. O.N.E
  2. The Harvest Insane
  3. No Better Seasons
  4. Hymn Of The Worm
  5. Multiple Personality
  6. .....Of Natural Rage....
  7. Funeral Bitch
  8. Healer
Sarx - Of Natural Rage
SARX is a young Death Metal-combo based in Germany. As far as I know, the band has been around for about 4 years now, and "...of natural rage..." is their first recording ever. In fact, the band decided to make it big releasing an entirely self-produced full length, instead of going for a demo or something like that.

Well, for sure I can appreciate their resolved behavior in order to let the band grow and be known by the extreme-Metal audience, but maybe it has been a bit too much hastened a choice.

Truthfully, this work plainly shows all of the inexperience a beginner band holds at the start of its career.

SARX plays a sort of occasionally brutal Thrash-rooted Death Metal with melodic nuances in some of the guitarwork. By the way, it's nothing particularly refined, since a raw and straightforward attitude can be noticed all along. Their direct, no frills and basic instrumental approach can sometimes remind of some epic Death Metal in the vein of old extreme bands like UNLEASHED and EUCHARIST. I've to admit I kinda miss this brand of sound, since there are no bands which are interested that much to recover that musical formula nowadays.

Lucklessly, in spite of the very good intentions and proposals the band offers to us, there's a slight feeling of sloppiness permeating the disc. Maybe I can explain it with the often elementary execution of the tracks. Sure, the whole album has some very interesting ideas, but they come across a bit undeveloped, like if their potential wasn't accurately processed.

Anyway, the guitarwork actually works in its simplicity, especially for the melodic solos which appear to be carefully composed and suitably played.

The major fault I found belongs to the vocals on there. They basically consist of two kinds of vocal styles: the usual deep-throated growling and a shrill blackish screaming. Well, I admit Black Metal ain't my bag that much, but if I can give advice to these guys, I'd definitely recommend to only focus on the growling and give up with the screamings, 'cos they're so weak and untrained to the point of being almost laughable. By any means, I don't wanna give an overly poor account of this record, 'cos I guess SARX had to do a hell of a hard work to craft it all on their shoulders. Furthermore, the overall work is good enough to please the typical Death Metal-fan, so they at least deserve credit for that.

Bottom line: though SARX needs a rather big improvement to properly compete with the finest acts currently swimming in the vast ocean of the Death Metal-underground scene, this album is a good place to start. (Online July 14, 2002)

Luca Moscatiello

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