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Imprecated Destiny - Demon In Me (8/10) - Austria - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 40:20
Band homepage: Imprecated Destiny


  1. Naked Among Wolves
  2. Time Of Darkness
  3. Demon In Me
  4. Counted Sorrows
  5. Paranoid Visions
  6. 1-10
Imprecated Destiny - Demon In Me
Death Metal from the Austrian state of Salzburg is what we get here, or more precise the first self-produced offering by IMPRECATED DESTINY.

"Demon In Me", covered by a Buddha-like god-statue, has Death Metal written over it in big, ehm, notes and is moving between heavy-fast parts, which are very traditional and with sometimes pretty limited melodies, but never thundering through one track in the same tempo, but always with slower and more melodic infusions, which give the songs more power, eluding uniformity by variability.

The opener "Naked Among Wolves" is a prime example for the fact that IMPRECATED DESTINY are more than just yet another act playing Death Metal, also because the vocals go beyond the standardised growl, but differing here, too. The song-structures are another positive point, because despite the often long compositions they always retain control over the song, fusing the different parts into a homogenous whole. And the rest doesn't fall off either!

As influences I have detected the old Swedes and a few Americans, but IMPRECATED DESTINY manage not to sound like one particular band. Sure, some arrangements still sound a little bumpy maybe, but that gives the songs this certain sympathetic touch... The overall-sound is very good for an indie-release, powerful and clear, respect!

A really good indie-release, which all our Death Metal-friends out there should at least check out, it's worth it!

Alexander Melzer

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