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Wolf's Moon - Black Knight Legacy (8/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: W-Music
Playing time: 57:50
Band homepage: Wolf's Moon


  1. Black Embrace
  2. Black Knight Legacy
  3. Necronomicon
  4. Witch Goddess
  5. Spirit Of Medusa
  6. Wings Of Fire
  7. Soul Sorcerer
  8. Dawn Of Destiny
  9. United Forces: Lords Of Steel
  10. Ascension Of Firehead
  11. Thunderstorm
Wolf's Moon - Black Knight Legacy
"Black Knight Legacy" is a, well, legacy that also Germany spawns great Fantasy Metal. WOLFS MOON hail from Helmstedt and with their by now fourth album have found their own kind of true steel. An original mixture of traditional German Metal and US-steel of the ICED EARTH-category.

The riffs are really great and also the vocals come over convincing, even though the singer sometimes overstretches his limits. Anyway, nobody's perfect! The songs all are very variable, with many breaks and mostly live off their melodic, catchy choruses. The only point of criticism is the muddy drum-sound! But this is a self-production and I have heard far worse by far!

WOLFS MOON have found their own style and it's fun to give in to the compositions. The CD, by the way, again is based on a fantasy-concept, continuing the "Elysium Dreams"-storyline! The boys really pull through their own thing and aren't influenced by and trend. Respect!

Will be out via Gutter Records soon, but you can also order directly from the band: Gerd Simson, Max-Planck-Weg 16 a, D-38350 Helmstedt. You'll have to ask for the price.

Ralf Henn

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