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Neocrima - Indifference's Deadly (7,5/10) - Kyrgyzstan - 2000

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 24:27
Band homepage: -


  1. The Keys
  2. Spiteful Land
  3. Dreamwave
  4. Breath No More
  5. The Way Of Crescent
Neocrima - Indifference's Deadly
Death Metal from Kyrgyztan... Not something you get too often, but that does in no way imply that this means something negative! So, this five-tracker is only available as mp3-demo, recorded in the home-studio and a computer and frontman Andrey Romanov already warns that the sound was bad. Not the best foundation, so it seems, but a Bavarian knows no fear, so...

OK, the sound isn't exactly premier league-quality, but it neither is as bad as I had feared. Sure, the vocals haven't really fared well, but I've heard by far worse, even with "real" productions with studio and everything, so not as dramatic as you could have expected.

Musically the band had announced Death Metal, but what is coming out of my speakers is not what I had thought would assault me. Mostly it's the brutal variant, especially from bands that are not exactly known for their Metal, but NEOCRIMA play a heavy, but very melodic version, where only the vocals are indicating towards Death Metal, the rest, with a "real" vocalist could almost be called very heavy Power Metal, very surprising, but positively!

The five tracks are very variable, from the opening instrumental "The Keys" with its very melodic guitars and underlying keyboards to the slow-paced closer "The Way Of Crescent", but I don't want to anticipate. "Spiteful Land", the second track, surprises with its very well thought-through structure, its strong melodies and the still considerable heaviness, only the voice of Andrey Romanov pulls the song down, not only because of the production, but also because his quite harsh voice just won't fit the music. A problem that becomes even more evident on the following "Dreamwave", because this track simply is brilliant! The for sure most variable track of the demo starts out quite calm, with a very good female voice, before turning into a slow-paced Metal-track, unfortunately again with this voice, but fortunately it alternates with the calm part of the beginning, partly even with a flute, both thumbs up!

"Breath No More" then somehow sounds Swedish, Death Metal roughly Göteborg-oriented, but without leaning too much towards the genre's greats, and "The Way Of Crescent" rounds up this demo with a slow-paced track, again with the good female voice and partly clear male vocals (which really suffer from the production) and the deathy voice, which doesn't sound as bad here; in the middle-part we get a passage only with acoustic guitar, bass and a few drums, beautiful!

Overall with the exception of the vocals (which result in a one-point deduction) and the sound (like said before, not good, but as bad as feared) a very positive surprise from Central Asia, which makes me long for more! Visit the homepage and let the band convince you as well, NEOCRIMA have potential and I would say a whole lot of it!!

Alexander Melzer

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