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Misery Remains - s/t (9/10) - USA - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 48:02
Band homepage: Misery Remains


  1. Drowning
  2. Lobotomized
  3. Untold
  4. Time To Kill (OVERKILL-Tune)
  5. Read Between The Lies (SLAYER-tune)
  6. Divine Misery
  7. Remains
  8. My Will Be Done
  9. Hatred Inside
Misery Remains - s/t
A 9-song-demo released by a one man band!! Unbelievable, I must say!!

Matt Arndt is the name of the assault behind the brutality and technical work on this demo. From the minute I placed it in my CD-player all the way until the end, this demo kept me completely occupied. The vocals are standard Death-growls, but it goes well with the music! The guitar work is technical and brutally heavy at times with some melodies thrown in at the right spots!! Now this release has songs ranging from four to nine and a half minutes long! So there is definitely enough material here to gobble up.

When I listen to MISERY REMAINS, Chuck Schuldiner comes to mind, because of the technical guitars and the way the songs are structured. I have to say that this demo is better than 60% of the bands that I review!!! So Matt Arndt I give credit where credit is due, this is one hell of a fucking effort and I hope to see you get MISERY REMAINS on the go for future releases!!


Alex Rivera

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