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No Sissy Stuff - Last Poem (8,5/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 27:27
Band homepage: No Sissy Stuff


  1. Painted Black
  2. Last Poem
  3. None Of Us
  4. Empty
  5. Shining
  6. Trains
  7. Dark Side
No Sissy Stuff - Last Poem
Here we have a truly interesting band, as NO SISSY STUFF is a pure girl-band, but that's not everything. As most female bands either go for Punk or Grunge, this quartet from Andernach is giving us a nice Metal-volley. The style on their, as far as I know, first CD "Last Poem" is hard to categorise and pretty widely spread. The focus lies on a mix of Thrash and pure Heavy Metal. Add to that a few Death-grunts by bassist Daniela Kesselem and the mostly clean voice of her sister Birgit (vocals/guitars). Rounding up the band are the third sister Katja Kesselem (guitars) and drummer Gudrun Schlich.

Sounds like a cool mixture, but what do the songs have to offer?

The first song of the album is called "Painted Black" and it's a pretty straight number. The band is going at it pretty fast, but also has its calmer moments. The vocals are heavy, but if needed also nicely calm. So the song is in for a lot of variety and sticks to your ears immediately, great start. The tile-track "Last Poem" hits the same vein, again fast riffing and catchy vocals, which also come over a little rougher here and there, make this song. It's obvious that the girls are no greenhorns on their respective instruments. The following "None Of Us" then is a good bit slower, but no less heavy. Somehow that song reminds me of MORBID ANGEL... With "Empty" we then have, in my opinion, the best song of the album. Equally aggressive and enchanting. Here Birgit is growling her vocal chords to mush, there she suddenly sings with a beautiful clear voice. The best vocal-performance of the whole album, just as variable is the music.

Track number five of the tracklist is the quite short "Shining", which also is a good one, yet I think that the song cannot fully keep the level of the other songs. But the next-to-last track "Trains" is a real killer again. The songs almost has a Power Metallic melody, I don't know if it is too far-fetched to compare it with MAIDEN's "Revelations"... But a great song all the way. The closing "Dark Side" follows in this vein, less thrashy than on the first songs and variety is the key-word here, towards the end the song almost gets balladesque, another full score.

So what can I say in the end? The band has offered us a classy debut, which is convincing both in musicianship and song-writing. For a band with a probably rather small budget and without a record-deal the sound also is more than adequate, the lyrics are worth reading and all printed in the nice booklet. Like mentioned before, for a band without deal NO SISSY STUFF have delivered a really professional album.

If the pretty ladies manage to refine their own style for the next album we should better prepare for something big. Let's hope they'll be in for a deal soon, the band really has got something to offer for both eyes and ears. Who doesn't believe me, take a look at their equally professional homepage. There you'll also be able to see how and where to get the album. Take a look, it's worth it.

Check-out-tips: "Painted Black", "Empty"...

Patrick Weiler

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