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Infernal - Ritual Humiliation (8/10) - Brazil - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 55:46
Band homepage: -


  1. Intro: Bestial Overture
  2. Die (Slow, Painful Death)
  3. Absent Light
  4. Secret Code
  5. Ritual Humiliation
  6. A Study In Blood And Darkness
  7. Before My Turn, Agonizing
  8. Plains Of Desolation
  9. Intermezzzo: The Nightmare
  10. Sights Of The Unreal
  11. Unholy Life
  12. Invitation To Delirium
  13. Cities Of Horror
  14. Like Men Bleed
  15. Rise, Charge, Obliterate
  16. Finale: P.M.L.T.R.C.
Infernal - Ritual Humiliation

INFERNAL is a Brazilian Death Metal-band with a very long history. In fact they released their first demo-tape in 1989 (!), and went on 'till nowadays putting out several recordings, along with a couple of compilations.

Musically, the band recreates the typical Floridian Death-sound which was a substantial part of the underground Metal-movement in the past decade, and they're really good at it. Sure, this album could have been recorded in the early '90s, but the overall quality is far above average, so what's the darn' point here? Plus, I've to say I used to love this kind of sound back in the days, and at the present time I still find it very enjoyable.

"Ritual Humiliation" gathers up nearly all of the characteristics needed to craft an excellent Death Metal-release. I listened to the album about four times before sitting down and start writing this review, and I miserably failed into discovering at least one real flaw on the overall work. The musicianship is darn' skilled, without a doubt these guys have been practicing, and you can notice it just on first listen. The songwriting, though a tad too conventional at times (but on behalf of INFERNAL I've to say this purportedly is a residing problem of the genre, so let's get over it) is also very profitable and tangible throughout. Variety is well preserved among the tracks, and that's not an aspect so common in the Death Metal-realm. As for the production, it is very good as well, you're able to clearly hear every instrument, and that's another convincing point. Well, this record is certainly a bit long if compared with Death Metal-standards, but for the fans of the genre it won't be a problem at all, I guess they're going to like it in its entirety (and I can say 'cos I AM a Death Metal-fan and I liked it pretty much).

The major complaint you can move to this album is the overall lack of originality, but as always it depends on your musical tastes and on what you demand from a record. Obviously enough, if you're looking for some cuttin' edge material, this cannot be the right record to pick up. By the way, definitely INFERNAL deserve the attention of the Death-fiends out there.

Bottom line: "Ritual Humiliation" is one of the best underground releases I've heard in recent times.

Luca Moscatiello

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