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Legacy - Pain For The Masses (5/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 35:05
Band homepage: Legacy


  1. Pain For The Masses
  2. Art Of Killing
  3. Where Death Dwells
  4. Fleshgrinder
  5. Spark Of Evil
  6. Human Infection
  7. Massive Aggression
  8. Serial Killer
  9. Abnorm Desolation
Legacy - Pain For The Masses
This deutsche quintet plays a sort of mixture half the way between Swedish and American Death Metal. In any case, their style is prominently devoted to the Swedish sound; traces of ENTOMBED are present throughout the record, along with some nuances which made me think about a more raw and direct sound, ala UNLEASHED.

"Pain To The Masses" provides us with a collection of average-quality compositions, nevertheless I don't think the record can compare with the finest underground releases of the genre, being a little coarse for nowadays Death Metal-standards. Sorry, but these guys failed to fully convince me of their abilities.

Frankly, they seem to have a great potential, but haplessly it remains unexpressed thru the nine tracks represented here. I perceived a quirky sense of incompleteness while listening to the album, something like: 'hey, that's good, but it could be better'.

Take the songwriting, for example. It's sufficient on its own, but lacks the minimum level of variation required to keep the thing interesting, causing some of the tracks to be way too much similar amongst themselves (what the heck, "Where Death Dwells" and "Fleshgrinder" are almost exchangeable to each other!). Moreover, the technical prowess of the bandmembers is also unobjectionable, but their approach is pedantic: they do exactly whatever you expect whenever you expect. That's the reason why the drumming on this one didn't hit me between the eyes: it's well played, but it's so predictable, and appears to be constrained into its ordinary schemes. Sadly enough, the guitarwork follows the same path as well, that is to say it's too much stereotyped. I think some different solutions here and there could only be of profit for the overall result.

By the way, I've to admit the vocals are excellent, and the production is also good, but beside that, there's not very much to get along with. Let's make it clear, we aren't talkin' about anything massively bad, the album is rather enjoyable, but at times I smelt a reek of half-wasted chance while listening to it.

Bottom line: Although "Pain For The Masses" doesn't reach the quality level needed to fully contend against the majority of the normally marketed Death Metal-albums, my personal tip for the band is to not give up, 'cos they're really close to its realization.

Luca Moscatiello

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