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VII Arcano - Inner Deathscapes (6,5/10) - Italy - 2001

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Warlord
Playing time: 35:20
Band homepage: VII Arcano


  1. Intruding
  2. Anticlockwise Cycle Of Dying
  3. Of Suicidal Age
  4. The Inner Deathscape
  5. Echo Calling
  6. Fog Path
  7. Release Into Anguish
  8. Necrotica Art - The Performance
  9. Streams Of Paranoia
  10. Descending
VII Arcano - Inner Deathscapes
Welcome to today's kitchen-show in the labs of "The Metal Observer". Today's dish is VII ARCANO - "Inner Deathscapes".

As we will only need to get a little more than 35 minutes, we only need a mid-sized bowl. Further ingredients are: A slab of Death Metal, Swedish breed (e.g. AT THE GATES-brand), a handful of Thrash Metal (of German origin), then some more traditional Death Metal and a pinch of Black Metal to spice it up and for garnishing some melodies.

So take the Swedish Death Metal and put it into the bowl. Then mix it with the Thrash Metal and depending on the vocal-line add some Black Metal and a few clean screams. Now let it boil on maximum heat until the singer is screaming out the flame in the right aggressive manner.

Then pour in the melodies, not too many, just enough so that you can hear them, but without watering the previously cooked-in aggression and brutality. Then mix it all once more and serve it in form of a handy disc with a hole in the middle.

What you have now is a tasty and partly spiced dish, even though it's nothing that you'll remember for longer, but quite useful to clean yourself through. Still there is maybe too little variety in the taste...

Alexander Melzer

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