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Dracena - Labyrinth Of Darkness (8/10) - Sweden - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 14:47
Band homepage: Dracena


  1. Craving
  2. Labyrinth Of Darkness
  3. Under A Bloodred Sun
Dracena - Labyrinth Of Darkness
Quite dirty Old School-Death with blackish shrieks is served us by the almost-girl-band DRACENA on their third demo to date. There had been one simply titled "Demo'97" and the 3-tracker "Demonic Women", which had received very good reactions in the underground. Demonic women most likely they are, because bassist Asa had been with VASSAGO, Mia with DEATHWITCH and Emma plays with RUNEMAGICK, where drummer Mojo is enlisted as well, the only guy in the band!

If he's in an enviable sitaution or not, is not part of this (but I guess that it is! Hehehe). Like said, this here is quite straight, almost primitive Death/Black somewhere between DARKTHRONE and CELTIC FROST that goes straight at your throat. No big breaks or intricacies, straight ahead with a "TRUE" feeling. That this sound works fabulously live they've proved as support of AGATHODAIMON in Offenbach already. A musically and energetically great gig! Only confidence is a point, where the hellish ladies have to work on, because they appeared to be a little shy! I'd like to hear a full album! Century Media, what are you still waiting for? You have RUNEMAGICK, so give DRACENA a chance!

Somehow the music sounds original again, because with bombastic Synth-Black you cannot win anyone anymore! DRACENA stick closely to their roots, concentrate on the basics and are closely following on the heels of the acclaimed acts WARHAMMER or DESASTER! To get the burned silver-disc, write to Mia Larsson, Januarigatan 24, SE-415 15 Göteborg, Sweden (you'll have to ask for the price!)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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