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Silent Force - Infatuator (8,5/10) - Germany - 2001

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 52:46
Band homepage: Silent Force


  1. Infatuator
  2. Fall Into Oblivion
  3. Hear Me Calling
  4. Promised Land
  5. We Must Use The Power
  6. All Guns Blazing
  7. Cena Libera
  8. Gladiator
  9. The Blade
  10. Last Time
  11. World Aflame
  12. In My Arms
  13. Northern Lights
  14. Video: See Beyond
Silent Force - Infatuator
Wow, the guys of SILENT FORCE have browsed the Metal-market after their debut "Empire Of Future" and bought some big pound of heaviness, because "Infatuator" doesn't have too much to do with the Melodic Metal of the debut anymore, a crunchy Power Metal-rack is ruling here!

The opening title-track raises the question, if JUDAS PRIEST have re-located to Germany, at first GAMMA RAY, now SILENT FORCE... Thundering double-bass, heavy guitars, and a DC Cooper, who really sounds like a reincarnation of Master Halford himself! But the guys don't make the mistake of orientating themselves too linearly at the priests, but pep up their sound with a German touch, so you really cannot talk about a copy.

But also on the other tracks the axe is reigning supreme, driven by fat drums and Cooper's very variable voice, which has an aggression to it that I would not have expected he was capable of. I've already heard voices that accuse SILENT FORCE of moving too far into Power Metal and that DC had sold his voice, but do not pay them any heed, nothing sounds forced or something like that!

No matter how you view it, driving Power Metal with some Melodic-list and well incorporated keyboards ("We Must Use The Power" or Melodic Metal with Power-list (e.g. "Hear Me Calling") or just JUDAS PRIEST with German instruments and American singer ("Infatuator" and "All Guns Blazing"), one thing is sure, SILENT FORCE have forged some strong steel with "Infatuator", which combines catchiness and very gripping melodies, no matter what the critics might say.

Listen to songs like "Infatuator", the excellent "Fall Into Oblivion" or "Promised Land" and the very varied "The Blade" to hear for yourself.

Alexander Melzer

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