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Complex 7 - Water (5,5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Thrashcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 65:58
Band homepage: Complex 7


  1. Identity
  2. Time-Place-Insanity
  3. Natural Consequences
  4. Soulbutchers
  5. Hypocrite's Mourning
  6. C-Complex
  7. But I'm Alive
  8. The Experiment
  9. The World's Farewell
  10. Public Long Distance Traffic
  11. Dust Of Ages
  12. Lifeblood
Complex 7 - Water
COMPLEX 7. The name says it all…well, not really. But the music is kinda complex, I guess. I'm not really sure what the 7 means. :) This band is a mixture of Thrash, Hardcore, and a little Power Metal. All with an odd way of tackling melodies.

While there are some nice moments, the music falls a little short. With all of these elements, I find that the music tends to pull itself apart, trying to go all over the place. And just when you think the music is going in the right direction, with some catchy riffs and melodies (1:45 of "Identity"), it goes back out into boringness again. It's not totally bad…just not that great.

The vocals are sort of a mixture of Hardcore, Thrash, Power, and a little Henry Rollins thrown in for good measure. And I don't like Henry Rollins' vocals.

I just can't really get into the CD. Maybe some day I will discover some sort of genius in it, but right now, it's going back into my CD tower.

Joshua Drover

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