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Various Artists - Warmth In The Wilderness (Tribute To Jason Becker) (-/10) - V/A - 2001

Genre: Various
Label: Lion Music
Playing time: 78:46/77:01
Band homepage: -


    CD 1
  1. A Little Ain't Enough (Stormwind)
  2. Altitudes (Torben Enevoldsen)
  3. Eleven Blue Egyptians (Ron Keel's Iron Horse feat. Robert Marcello)
  4. A Jam For Jason (Cosmosquad feat. Jeff Kollman, Vinnie Moore, Chris Poland, Jeff Watson, Steve Morse)
  5. Higher (David Marlone)
  6. Becker Ola (Pua feat. Carina Alfie & Linda McDonald of Phantom Blue)
  7. Dogtown Shuffle (Rolf Munkes' Empire)
  8. Go Off (Evolution)
  9. Hammerhead Shark (Mark Boals & Lars Eric Mattsson)
  10. Jasin Street (Hit The Ground Runnin')
  11. If You Have To Shoot (Tony Baena)
  12. Baby's On Fire (Josephine Of Phantom Blue)
  13. Sensible Shoes (Jeff Scheetz)
  14. ESP (Cyril Achard)
  15. Air (Phi Ansari Yaan-Zek & Lale Larson)
    CD 2
  16. Opus Pocus (Project Alcazar)
  17. Mandy's Little Throbbing Heart (Eric Sands with Mark Ragsdale)
  18. Blue (Paul Nelson)
  19. It's Showtime (May Lian)
  20. Becker's Bolero (Jeff Pilson)
  21. Lydia's House (Mattias Ia Eklund)
  22. Drop In The Bucket (All The Usual Suspects)
  23. Forcefield (Rob Johnson)
  24. Urmila (Mistheria with Rick Renstrom)
  25. Black Stallion Jam (Marty Friedman)
  26. Hawking (Paul Gilbert)
  27. Primal (Anders Johansson)
  28. Rain (Eric Zimmermann)
  29. Concerto (Mike Campese)
  30. Tell The Truth (Lars Eric Mattsson, Alex Masi, Pamme, Johnny Lima, Robin McAuley)
  31. Outro Jam (Torben Enevoldsen, James Byrd, Patrick Rondat, Roh Thal, Mike Chlasciak, Sami Asp, Lars Eric Mattsson)
Various Artists - Warmth In The Wilderness (Tribute To Jason Becker)

Jason Becker, former guitarist of CACOPHONY (together with Marty Friedman) and others, suffers from the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, an incurable nerve-disorder. Now Lion Music has created a tribute of a different art, one of which all royalties and profits will be completely donated to Jason and his family. All musicians have donated their work and recordings for free, just like Eric Philippe has done with his great artwork.

Musically these two CDs feature an impressive bunch of musicians (above all guitarists, of course), which have taken on the Becker-songs, among them so well-sounding names like Chris Poland, Steve Morse, Mark Boals, Jeff Pilson, Marty Friedman or Paul Gilbert, to name but a few. That it all resulted in good versions is almost self-evident, but not the point.

The reason for this tribute is what counts and which really demands a deep bow of each fan for the participants, so support this project, because it's absolutely worth it!

Alexander Melzer

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