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In Peccatum - Antília (8,5/10) - Portugal - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 18:09
Band homepage: In Peccatum


  1. Septem Aquae
  2. Everlasting Delicacy >mp3
  3. Watery Portrait >mp3
  4. 'Till Daylight Comes… >mp3
  5. Sustained In The Nebula
In Peccatum - Antília
What do we have here? Mail from the Azores (a small group of islands, belonging to Portugal, far out in the Atlantic)! And what's in there? A mini-CD of a Gothic/Doom-band - nice surprise!

The three guys start out with a string-intro, before blending into dark, doomy Metal with variable vocals, dark, melancholic, atmospheric, with rough vocals as well as spoken. The Portuguese refine their sound with well-placed keyboard- and piano-passages and wonderful guitarleads, which make you dream and float away into a different world once you close your eyes…

Somehow older ANATHEMA come to my mind, even though IN PECCATUM do not sound like them, rather from the expression. Mostly measured in tempo, but here and there with a few faster passages, too, with its own note due to the piano, the compositions flow dreamily, strengthened by the very clear and powerful sound, which shadows many bigger bands by far!

I cannot really point out any song (apart from the very dynamic "'Till Daylight Comes..."), because they all stand on a very high level, I can recommend "Antília" all, who like this kind of music, because despite the flood of releases you do not get this quality very often! Support this band, you have my blessings!

Alexander Melzer

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