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Siegfried - Drachenherz (8/10) - Austria - 2001

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Napalm Records
Playing time: 48:40
Band homepage: Siegfried


  1. Balmung
  2. Rheingold
  3. Jerusalem
  4. Flagellum Dei
  5. Walpurgisnacht
  6. Hexenblut
  7. Der König und die Eiche
  8. Die Rabenschlacht
  9. Siegfried
  10. Schwarzer Engel
  11. Drachenherz
Siegfried - Drachenherz
Most probably this CD will be dismembered by most critics, but at the same time has all the ingredients to get real cult. The debut "Drachenherz" of Tyrolian SIEGFRIED is an album that on the one hand is deeply rooted within tradition, yet also has "innovation" written broadly all over.

Musically we get a very interesting and above all original mixture of traditional Metal and Gothic Metal, as a look at the titles already says, with German lyrics, which you could either call cliché/kitsch or cult.

Heavy, traditional guitars meet atmospheric keyboards, female vocals (not only in the usual pitch, but also a bit more aggressive, which not always sounds fully developed) meet varied male vocals (I hail thee, Bruder Clé!), which range from deep and clear to pretty tough (another potential cult-factor and at the same time another reason why the critics will annihilate this album). Also the rhythmics are taken from the traditional genres at times.

Like said before, the pathetic lyrics somehow fit the music, also because of the German language and give the whole thing a pretty original touch. That the religions (and there especially Christendom) do not get the best "reviews" in the lyrics maybe is due to the lyrical concept...

The band itself is something like a who is who of the Tyrolian Metal-scene, beginning with the true Metal-icon Bruder Clé, former DREAMS OF SANITY-singer Sandra Schleret, DARKWELL-basser Roland Wurzer and DARKWELL- and KOROVA-drummer Moritz. And this despite the so very German name, which had created some geographical confusion with a few reviewers already ;)

If you can cope with German lyrics somewhere between cult and kitsch and musically would like to hear something surprisingly original between Power and Gothic with alternating vocals, then listen to "Rheingold", "Walpurgisnacht", "Der König und die Eiche" or "Siegfried" to get your own impression of SIEGFRIED.v I've needed quite some time to get used to the pretty unusual sound, but in the mean time "Drachenherz" has truly captured me, strong debut!

Alexander Melzer

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