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Stormrider, The - Criseida (7,5/10) - Spain - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 59:19
Band homepage: Stormrider, The


  1. The Storm
  2. Shadows Of War (Visions)
  3. Messengers Of Fate
  4. Never (Deep Winter)
  5. Time Is The Punisher, Time Is The Avenger
  6. Ritual
  7. Cults Of The Shadow
  8. Windhunter
  9. Montsacrum (Ready To Die)
  10. The Track
  11. New Reign
Stormrider, The - Criseida
Another Spanish band has set off to conquer the hearts of Melodic Metal fans. It doesn't sound like the typical HELLOWEN/VIRGIN STEEELE-clone, but quite independent although there still is bombast. The pathetic ones are not haunted too much because there are little breaks between the fast and raging sounds.

The songs are quite varied, every now and then a female elven chant can be heard and sometimes there are also growls. Apart from that, we may enjoy good musicians, a great vocalist and interesting songs. Not everything is completely perfected on this Epic Metal CD which is divided into three acts, but THE STORMRIDER have a lot of passion and try to make the worn-out paths of the genre become more exciting through good ideas. Therefore: respect, you guys.

For a self-produced CD the sound is really good and I think that in a professional studio with a real producer even the small mistakes could be deleted. They do know a thing or two and songs like "The Track" or "Shadows Of War (Visions)" have a lot of potential - only to mention two of them. I keep my fingers crossed for you to get a contract! (Online September 12, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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