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Sabatan - Metal Louder (6/10) - Spain - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:52
Band homepage: Sabatan


  1. Unborn Son
  2. Terror Mind
  3. Flame In My Soul
  4. Metal Louder
Sabatan - Metal Louder
Power Metal from Spain, and they not SABATON, but SABATAN, so don't confuse that. "Metal Louder" is the 4 track album of this young band, which had a lot of fun, as one can see at the picture, let's wait if the listening will be funny, too.

Well, I am not so confident, because you can hear clearly, that SABATAN are at the beginning of their career, you can listen to the four songs of the Spaniards without getting in pain, but they play a little too little independent and also not classy enough to make out a good position in the underground.

They still try it, but they are too moderate for the lasting Power Metal wave, to get a chance from the fans. They have enough potential, but they have to use it, so I remain with a comparison to some (Spanish) wine, which is laired, just wait for it and then it will be very good... (Online September 18, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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