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Claymore, The - II (8/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 54:03
Band homepage: Claymore, The


  1. Tolerance Denied
  2. Arborlon
  3. Beyond The Walls Of Tears
  4. God Of Crows
  5. Return To Arborlon
  6. Into The Unknown
  7. Element Of Hate
  8. Claymore
  9. Time For Glory
  10. Knight Of The Word
Claymore, The - II
To all appearances, these are some "Braveheart"-fans, because Claymore was the name of Sir William Wallace' sword...

Enough in history lessons. THE CLAYMORE is a German band under the banner of melodic Power Metal. You may cry, 'no, not another Power Metal band', but don't make the mistake to put THE CLAYMORE in this overloaded category, because in comparison to some other bands, the quintet is able to sound more fresh and altogether more rough than many others, maybe, this is because they did it completely without keyboards.

The production is very good for a demo, they don't reinvent Power Metal, but their combination of traditional Power Metal of German style and IRON MAIDEN (to speak very simplified) has much class, includes wonderful guitar duels, intense vocallines (something between Kiske, Dickinson and STORMWITCH'S Andy Mück, just a little bit deeper) and hymnic songstructures, which pleases me as an affirmed fan of this genre!

"Tolerance Denied" is pure epic Melodic Speed, while "Arborlorn" reminds me of a Power Metal version of STORMWITCH. "Beyond The Walls Of Tears" sounds a little bit retained, partly nearly progressive and it's a good contrast to up-tempo shells like "Claymore" or "Time For Glory" or the well-growing "The God Of Crows". But - the cover...oh no, that's no good...

I know, Power Metal again, me again, a good rating again, but what can I do, THE CLAYMORE are just great and they don't sound like Sweden or Italy and what is more, quality must be honoured. (Online October 10, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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