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THE METAL OBSERVER - Underground Review - INFERNAL - Anthological Humiliation

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Infernal - Anthological Humiliation (7,5/10) - Sweden - 2002

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 79:47
Band homepage: Infernal


  1. Smash Thy Enemy
  2. Bloody Rain
  3. Il Passaggio/The Ends Of Hell
  4. Morbid Dream
  5. Reaping Lives
  6. Drowning In The Chalice Of Sin
  7. Eternal Battle
  8. Insurrection Day
  9. The Endless Well Of Torment
  10. Cathedral Of Despair
  11. Before My Turn, Agonizing
  12. A Study In Blood And Darkness
  13. Sights Of The Unreal
  14. Like Men Bleed
  15. Cities Of Horror
  16. Prelude To The Feast/The Feast Divine
  17. True Reality
  18. Fear Of Death
  19. Reaping Lives (live 2000)
Infernal - Anthological Humiliation
Well, weeks ago Mauricio, the drummer for INFERNAL, kindly sent my way this CD-R which contains all of the past works of the band previous to "Ritual Humiliation" (their latest effort to date, published in 2001, which you can also find reviewed on TMO).

If there still were any doubts about, this CD further proves that INFERNAL has always spawned some quality Death Metal in the extreme underground.

The first 10 tracks on there belong to the combo's first full-length album "Drowning Into The Chalice Of Sin", originally issued back in 1993, and represent the main reason of interest for me. In fact, listening to the album on its whole you can dig out a really deserving band, which could easily compete with the leading acts of the sub-genre even at those times. All of the tracks are articulated and varied, showing a wide musical approach in terms of composition, not overlooking the already excellent band's playing abilities. These guys beautifully succeed into blending quite elaborated song structures and straight brutality to always keep the listener tuned in. It's kinda weird that the extreme auditorium of the times didn't get grabbed by the balls from this work, but maybe you can blame it to the saturation of bands the Death Metal underground was experiencing back then.

The tracks I liked the most are "Morbid Dream", which has a really creepy and crushing slow main riff, and the closer "Cathedral Of Despair", but all of the material here is very good. An album well worth to be rediscovered.

The tracks number 11 to 15 are instead taken from a demo INFERNAL released in 1997, and feature early versions of songs which will be included onto the latest album of the band, "Ritual Humiliation". Anyway, the material on there doesn't differ too much from what we later enjoyed on the full-length, though they give the listener an accurate indication of what was in sight for "Ritual Humiliation".

Tracks 16 and 17 belongs instead to the 7 inches EP the band released way back in 1992, and for sure show us all where the band really started. In fact, both tracks are devoted to a fierce Death/Thrash Metal which clearly hints to the musical direction INFERNAL embraced later. The production on there is really as rough as guts, but the songs benefit a lot from that, 'cos it adds that kind of wild, primeval attitude to the whole thing, in the vein of early SODOM and KREATOR. Heck, the initial part of "True Reality" would have perfectly fitted on "Obsessed By Cruelty"!

"Fear Of Death" is extracted from the "Vampiros Of Curitiba" compilation (1990) and again shows a very strong Thrash Metal influence, a sort of compound synopsis of the aforementioned bands mixed with a tangible DARK ANGEL and FORBIDDEN touch.

The CD-R is closed with a recent live rendition of "Reaping Lives", which at last let us hear how tight a live band INFERNAL as well is.

Check it out! (Online November 12, 2002)

Luca Moscatiello

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