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Sitra - s/t (7/10) - Israel - 2001

Genre: Heavy Metal / Doom Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 29:06
Band homepage: Sitra


  1. You, I
  2. ... Nevermore
  3. The End Of M.E.
  4. Blood Suckers' Empire
  5. Of Future For My Past
Sitra - s/t
This demo being written over such a long period of time (5 years I think) means it varies in quality from track to track. The earlier tracks don't measure up to the later ones - with the obvious exception of the fantastic "...Nevermore" - which is good as it shows that SITRA are progressing and should continue to grow and develop in a positive way.

The first track recorded around 1996 is probably the weakest of the tracks on offer. "You, I" has terrible vocals and unfitting guitar solos. This track is fairly "soft" Thrashy Metal, just skip it.

"...Nevermore", unlike its predecessor is a complete gem. The strange thing is that many of you reading this review may have already heard or may have this song in your MP3 collection without even knowing who the true band is. Back when CRADLE OF FILTH released their "Midian" album there were MP3's floating around on Napster (long time ago it seems now doesn't it?) of a bonus song titled "Nevermore". Well here is it, written really by Israeli band SITRA and its damn good. "...Nevermore" despite being one of the earlier songs is the best song this demo offers, its a fusion of Doom and Heavy Metal with Black Metal touches and full to the brim with beautiful riffs melodies and keyboards. A classic.

"The End Of M.E." was recorded at the same time as "...Nevermore" and doesn't quite live up to the standards set, but it's still miles ahead of their first.

Overall the vocals, guitar, bass and drums are well executed and well shaped to blend in and accompany each other perfectly. The production is pretty good even though strange because the last two tracks were recorded with Cakewalk rather than in a studio. This however doesn't detract from the songs as their are the next best behind "...Nevermore" that this demo offers. Amazing for a home recording.v Good, yet by no means great. A promising start and good progression with an unnoticed gem in the middle. (Online November 21, 2002)

Niall Kennedy

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