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Desire - Locus Horrendus (7,5/10) - Portugal - 2002

Genre: Doom Metal / Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 69:32
Band homepage: Desire


  1. Preludium
  2. Frozen Heart... Lonely Soul...
  3. Cries Of Despair
  4. The Weep Of A Mournful Dusk
  5. An Autumnal Night Passion
  6. Drama
  7. Dark Angel Bird (A Poet Of Tragedies)
  8. Torn Apart
  9. (Love Is) Suicide
  10. Postludium
Desire - Locus Horrendus
As I look out the window, I have to realize that DESIRE's "Locus Horrendus" is almost the exact musical version of the weather I see out there. Very dark and melancholic, almost depressive…

DESIRE are pure Doom/Death, if you are not depressive yet, then this is maybe exactly what you'd need. If you feel the need for speed, thanks for reading this review, but you can move on for this CD will most probably bore you to death (no pun intended).

Basically only the voice roots this Portuguese band's sound in Death Metal, because the music is very melodic Doom Metal with lots of atmosphere. Vocalist Tear cries out his anguished, melancholic lyrics in a very haunted way, either very deep or screamed, interspersed with a few ethereal female vocals by guest-singer Tânia Teixeira.

That despite the altogether slow tempo the almost 70 minutes of this CD never grow stale or monotonous shows that this sombre quintet has quite some songwriting potential on offer, not making them anything overly outstanding or special or unique, but still establishing them as a quality act.

The album is divided into 10 chapters, featuring everything from brief interludes of less than a minute up to mammoth tracks between 9 and more than 13 minutes, all packed into a very good production and tasteful booklet, dedicating it all to Chuck Schuldiner.

So all blackened hearts that like it slow, this one is for you! (Online November 14, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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