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30 tablatures for Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower - Honour-Valour-Pride (10/10) - Great Britain - 2001

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 50:26
Band homepage: Bolt Thrower


  1. Contact - Wait Out
  2. Inside The Wire >mp3
  3. Honour
  4. Suspect Hostile
  5. 7th Offensive
  6. Valour
  7. K-Machine
  8. A Hollow Truce
  9. Pride
  10. Covert Ascension (DigiPak-Bonus-Track)
Bolt Thrower - Honour-Valour-Pride
Since today the new BOLT THROWER "Honour-Valour-Pride" is rotating in my player and I can tell you, the walls are shaking! After their last masterpiece "Mercenary" I had been really waiting with bated breath, if the band could top that one.

And damn, they could. With new face Dave Ingram (Ex-BENEDICTION) BOLT THROWER have found the ideal replacement of Karl Willets. The guy growls just like that, maybe even harsher. Additionally they have recruited a more than talented guy for the drums in Martin Kearns. Musically, of course, there had been no big change, but with BOLT THROWER you can only hope that there never will be. The band is just celebrating the best and most brutal Death Metal of this time and in a way that just drives tears of joy to your eyes.

The mighty "Contact - Wait Out" kicks off the album in a slow, stomping manner, just to turn into a malign inferno. When the BOLT THROWER-machine sets out, the earth inevitably starts to quake. The song marches on like a wild war-machine and Dave Ingram shows what he is capable of. Almost no difference to Karl Willets. The second track "Inside The Wire" should be known to a few of you from a few samplers, this one is thundering and grooving straight ahead. You could compare the song to "No Guts No Glory" or "Mercenary" off the album of that name. A true killer that can very nicely decapitate you. The first of the three title-tracks, "Honour" starts out with a cool guitar-intro, the song itself is flowing slowly, viscously, with an eerie rhythm, like a slowly advancing tank-division. For me the first super-highlight. The next track "Suspect Hostile" is destroying everything in its path, driven on by a killer-riff. Many may say that BOLT THROWER are too monotonous, but that is simply wrong. The band, in their given path, offers a lot of variety. Even though many songs are ultra-heavy, up to now every song features cool guitar-melodies.

Just like the title of the next number already hints, a true offensive awaits us with "7th Offensive". A steam-roller is coming our way, with an incredible groove, borne by sawing riffs and all destroying double-bass. The second title-track "Valour" starts out a little calmer, but after a minute changes into an almost SLAYER-like slab of hate. Here we also get some blastbeats and the pedal is not only put to the metal, it's put through it. Another highlight that will cost the sick-funds a fortune. Incredibly brutal! And who thinks that BOLT THROWER have used up their power already, errs! With "K-Machine" and "A Hollow Truce" two more grenades are assaulting our ears. Both tracks are killers, especially "K-Machine" has everything a real hit takes. And for the end the Britons still have the third title-track "Pride", which also is the longest song of the album. The slow end reminds me a little of "Sixth Chapter" off the "Mercenary"-album. And a mighty artillery-salute closes off the whole thing. OK, who has the DigiPak-version still gets one more track, the strong bonus "Covert Ascension", which is another killer.

I guess that I won't have to tell you much about the lyrics anymore, the song-titles are speaking for themselves. The main topic, as so often, is war. Some might shake their heads, given the current situation, but before you judge prematurely, read the lyrics. The band always deals with the topic with all due respect to the victims of war and shows us the different sides of it. There is no glorification of violence at all.

With "Honour-Valour-Pride" BOLT THROWER have delivered us with their best album so far, everything fits. Without exception brilliant songs, great sound and a nice cover. Not even a trace of fillers or monotony. I do not think that I exaggerate when I claim that BOLT THROWER have released the Death Metal-album of the year.

Let's wait and see how the fans will react to the new material live, I for sure will be there. Just listen to it, I wager that you'll be enthused.

Check-out-tips: "Honour", "Valour", "K-Machine"...

Patrick Weiler

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