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Katagory V - Present Day (9/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: US-Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 47:34
Band homepage: Katagory V


  1. I Live On
  2. Evil Princess
  3. The Call Of Midnight
  4. The Beginning Of Our End
  5. Steel Dungeon
  6. Morning Light
  7. The Forsaken
  8. Negative Attraction
  9. Present Day
  10. One Second Warning
Katagory V - Present Day
She looks like a typically average, this 2001 record "Present Day" of the American band KATAGORY V. So, my expectations for this record hadn't been too high! In cause of this, I was highly surprised when I listened to the music.

Wow, unbelievable, there is fine US-Metal given with a great shouter and highly strong guitars. This is pure steel and it has a sound, European bands (nearly) never reach. Don't ask me what it is but they have those typical US-Metal touch! Slightly proggy but always melodic, technical over the top and they have the feeling for gripping mystical moments. You can describe them as 80s Metal, although they don't like this description. Who loved the last heroic efforts of JACOBS DREAM, TALAMASCA, SHADOW KEEP or ZANDELLE can also notice the name of KATAGORY V.

KATAGORY V were founded in 1999 in Salt Lake Valley/Utah with bass player Dustin Mitchell, guitar player Curtis Morrell and drummer Matt Suiter. Later, Ryan Taylor joined the group as second guitar player and they wanted to play great Progressive Metal. But there was missing a capable singer, who is able to sing the extraordinary vocallines. They found him in Lynn Allers, who wasn't unknown in the local scene. Finally they had their line-up and they created this fabulous album.

They made a distribution deal with Lance King's Nightmare Records (BALANCE OF POWER), so the record was at least online available. Curiously the whole new album "A New Breed Of Rebellion" is just finished and has to be available soon. If this is also such a killer, I'm gonna get nervous... Contact: distribution for Germany Thomas Braakmann / band: (Online December 11, 2002)

Ralf Henn

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