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Divinity Destroyed - Nocturnal Dawn (8,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 36:03
Band homepage: Divinity Destroyed


  1. Void
  2. Night Must Fall
  3. Red Reflection
  4. Smoke And Mirrors
  5. The Sleeper Has Awakened
  6. NVNDK
  7. Forsaken
  8. Nocturnal Dawn
Divinity Destroyed - Nocturnal Dawn
World Metal... That is what New Jersey based quintet DIVINITY DESTROYED labels its own style as. If you now have a big question mark chiseled into your forehead, so had I and even after listening to the demo "Nocturnal Dawn" I actually didn't have a clue as to what of it actually is the "World" part in their sound…

Having read stuff like fire marshals shutting down shows because of excessive violence, I had expected Hardcore or something like that, but no, DIVINITY DESTROYED play a kind of Progressive Metal that still is pretty damn straight and melodic at the same time.

Songs like "Void" and "Red Reflection" are very mature sounding songs with some excellent vocals that somehow remind me of MANTICORA at times, while at other times sounding pretty original. Also "Smoke And Mirrors" is a very good example of the diversity of the DIVINITY DESTROYED sound that basically grows with every repeated listen. Just the Hardcore-ish vocals of "The Sleeper Has Awakened" definitely are not my thing, while "NVNDK" contains also some Death-y vox along with the otherwise highly melodic voice of Mark Ward, which also does not fully fit (the Death-y part).

Other than that "Nocturnal Dawn" is a really big, really positive surprise that has made me very interested in more stuff of these Americans that you absolutely should check out for sure! (Online January 17, 2002)

Alexander Melzer

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