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Lead Weight - Penetrator (7,5/10) - Kazakhstan - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 49:40
Band homepage: Lead Weight


  1. Ally
  2. 1.000.000 Path
  3. Omen
  4. Last Dance
  5. Don Benefactor (Death Is An Adviser)
  6. Elegy
  7. Useless
  8. Stalker
  9. Penetrator
  10. Disangelist
Lead Weight - Penetrator
Isn't it fascinating to see, where you can find Metal on this planet? I mean, we already have reviews of bands from Pakistan, Taiwan, Colombia, Kyrgyztan, Namibia and now we can add Kazakhstan to this list, thanks to LEAD WEIGHT from the former capital of Almaty.

Their chosen profession is Death Metal, at times pretty technical and with some complexity in the song structures, still melodic, but never even close to the Swedish/Göteborg school, but definitely more rooted in the traditional Death Metal. The Black Metal undertones that could still be found on the previous album have been scrapped, which gives them a more homogenous sound altogether.

Within that LEAD WEIGHT cover the whole spectrum from doomy to fast, yet always on a very high technical level and very proficient playing, that shows the overall class of this quartet, where basically only Yermola's vocals are the unchanging pillar in the centre. Around him the Kazakhs weave at times classically influenced compositions that show that the songwriters Yermola and Grom haven't started out only yesterday.

Take songs like the fast, Heavy Metal induced "Don Benefactor (Death Is An Adviser)", the great instrumental "Elegy" or the furious "Penetrator" and hear for yourself that Kazakhstan has a serious contender in the technical melodic Death Metal world that we should see on a label near you pretty soon! (Online January 22, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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