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Obsidian Gate - The Vehemence (7/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 20:58
Band homepage: Obsidian Gate


  1. The Vehemence
  2. Catafalque Of Those Aflame
  3. A Vortex Drawn In Blood
Obsidian Gate - The Vehemence
For those among you that are not familiar with OBSIDIAN GATE yet ,they're a German Black Metal duo that, after their 2001 album "Colossal Christhunt", offers us a self produced mini-CD in the form of "The Vehemence".

Ralf had drawn a connection to acts like LIMBONIC ART in his review of the album, something that I cannot fully agree with, because even though OBSIDIAN GATE also use mostly fast tempos and quite extensive keyboards, plus a good portion of complexity in their song structures, I do not really see them near the Norwegians, but of course it could also be me, who's wrong, who knows…

So yes, the three songs are all longer than 6 minutes and mostly go at a high speed, but by good breaks and breakdowns they manage to loosen up the compositions enough not to get lost in the speed fury. Also the lyrics are definitely worth mentioning, OBSIDIAN GATE tell real stories (not real as in realistic, you know what I mean) in a quite impressive English that not only topic wise differs a lot from what many of their genre colleagues come up with.

If you like your Black Metal fast, varied and still quite symphonic, then OBSIDIAN GATE are a good investment for sure! (Online January 30, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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