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Edenbridge - Arcana (9/10) - Austria - 2001

Genre: Symphonic Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 56:59
Band homepage: Edenbridge


  1. Ascending
  2. Starlight Reverie
  3. The Palace
  4. A Moment Of Time
  5. Fly On A Rainbow Dream
  6. Color My Sky
  7. Velvet Eyes Of Dawn (Bonus)
  8. Into The Light
  9. Suspiria
  10. Winter Winds
  11. Arcana
Edenbridge - Arcana
Great to hear something new of EDENBRIDGE! Their debut "Sunrise In Eden" is among those albums that I still like to listen to today. By the way, a fairly successful one as well, the album had been hailed by both critics and fans, just timeless, beautiful music!

Now the eagerly awaited follow-up "Arcana" is rotating in my player and takes up where the debut had left. And that is good. As there are only very few highlights in the Prog-genre at the moment, it was about time that mainman Lanvall and his crew showed everybody how to do it! EDENBRIDGE is a formation that appeals to hardcore-Proggies like ZERO HOUR as well as velvet-rockers (like TEN) and friends of NIGHTWISH. Their music is neither too soft nor too technical, but always with dreamy melody-lines. This is further pursued on "Arcana".

More praise to front-lady and feast for the eyes Sabine Edelsbacher, who has further improved. Her art sounds even more variable, even more seducing in the calm passages and more powerful than ever in the heavier sections. Her soprano also has gained more charisma. There sure will be some comparisons to NIGHTWISH, because faster tracks like "Starlight Reverie" or "Color My Skin" are really going into the Finns' direction, but still you can easily keep the two bands apart. The most dramatic and in my opinion best song in a series of brilliant compositions is the mini-drama "Arcana", which closes off this grandiose album with its almost ten minutes. This opus builds up like a dream! And again Sabine in top form, a grandiose performance!

That success is inevitable stands out of question! They also have fully deserved it, because EDENBRIDGE improved in almost all areas, including sound and cover! The album will also be released as a double-vinyl-album, including the bonus-track "Velvet Eyes Of Dawn", one of the more progressive songs of the band. You just have to get this one!

Ralf Henn

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