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Screaming Afterbirth - Puke Pile (0,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 22:22
Band homepage: Screaming Afterbirth


  1. Entangled In Entrails
  2. Stump Fucked Piss Flaps
  3. Open Pussy Surgery
  4. Anal Volcano
  5. Completely Stuffed Bitch
  6. Writhing And Contorting
  7. Cottage Cheese Between Her Legs
  8. Epidural Emissions
  9. No Orifice Shall Remain
  10. Mongloid Whore
  11. Puke Pile
  12. Stabbing Faces And Kicking Guts
Screaming Afterbirth - Puke Pile
Wow...not just a stuffed bitch, but a "COMPLETELY Stuffed Bitch"! SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH definitely have those clever song titles down cold (see above). Too bad there is little or nothing to be said about this on a musical level. Standard, sloppy Grindcore with zero originality, terrible drumming, guitars buried behind grotesque indiscernible croaks and the occasional scream. "No Orifice Shall Remain"? Indeed, my ear canals are currently shot, two down...four (?) to go...Thank god it's only 22 minutes long.

I'm not gonna point out specifics. This is giving me a terrible migraine. To say that this band needs to give it some serious time in the rehearsal room is the understatement of the millennium. They need to assess if it is actual "music" that they want to play instead of a bunch of sound effects taken from a jaunt through a New York sewer.

Or maybe "Puke Pile" was the intended outcome...? Well on that account: SUCCESS!! (Online February 10, 2003)

Gabriel Gose

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