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Project1 - Overcome (5,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:05
Band homepage: Project1


  1. Move
  2. Head Exam
  3. Overcome
  4. Declaration Of Independence
  5. Circle Of Hate
Project1 - Overcome
That I have my problems with modern sounds is, I guess, pretty well known by now, with only some very few exceptions it just isn't my thing. PROJECT1 without a doubt sound modern, very modern in fact, yet with my relative inexperience with bands of this style, am I able to give it the review it deserves? Am I able to put it into its place among the big names? Well, I for sure won't be able to really compare it a lot to the leaders of the pack or the ones behind those, but I'll just give you my personal point of view…

To call PROJECT1 pure Nu-Metal would not do them justice, because this they are not exclusively, yet the influences almost completely are pretty modern, if you disregard the Spanish/Latino sounding acoustic intro to "Overcome", which then turns the melody and feeling into the modern Metal environment again, just to shift back to the original sound, interesting twist! And the riffs in the beginning (and partly also throughout) of "Declaration Of Independence" almost invoke memories of American Thrashers, even though they get a far more modern shading in the course of the song, still, sounds very good indeed! Vocally they shift between aggressive shouts and melodic vocals, which at times remind me of an a bit tuned down version of LIFE OF AGONY's Keith Caputo…

Objectively overall not a bad effort, if you like these modern sounds, not my cup of tea, so if you are a genre fan, then add some points to my rating… (Online March 22, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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