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Weeping Twilight - Far From The Assembly Of Gods (8/10) - Belarus - 2002

Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 29:23
Band homepage: Weeping Twilight


  1. Sin
  2. In The Castle
  3. Mournful One Warrior's Tale
  4. A Cradle Song
  5. …'Cause She Was A Witch
Weeping Twilight - Far From The Assembly Of Gods
Belarus and Metal. Whenever I hear these two expressions together, my mind says GODS TOWER!!! Ok, APRAXIA would be a second thought, but still, GODS TOWER are the ones. Now I have another band that will come to my mind, WEEPING TWILIGHT.

Also hailing from the capital of Minsk, their lead guitar sound has a certain touch of GODS TOWER, maybe it is the melodies, maybe the guitar sound itself, I don't know, but any band reminding me of GODS TOWER and being quality, has a big plus already! So does this quintet…

Although I have stated the English song titles, WEEPING TWILIGHT sing completely in Belarussian, which does not take anything away from their songs, quite the contrary, it sounds even more original. So, what do they play? It's a mix of Folk and a bit of Death Metal (in one of the voices), highly melodic, with a very own lead guitar, which is the main connection (for me) with GODS TOWER, just listen to the opening of "Mournful One Warrior's Tale", great!

Style-wise their Metal could rather be considered Doom, as the general tempo is rather measured, despite some faster passages as well to loosen things up a bit. Vocally the clear voice is in the majority, sometimes intertwined with the more raspy growl, sometimes replaced, but both styles are used to very good effect, just like the keyboards are not over used, but accentuate the compositions and give them an extra dimension.

WEEPING TWILIGHT do not sound like anyone else at all, just like there are some very original bands coming out of countries like Russia, Belarus, Latvia etc., which will serve them in one way, but almost just as surely will put quite a few people off, just because they sound different, yet the quality is absolutely right on "Far From The Assembly Of Gods", even though the production is not outstanding, it is still is good for a home made recording, so we do only have one problem here… After a little more than 29 minutes this is over already… (Online April 6, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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