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Helion - The Shores Of Evermore (7,5/10) - Finland - 2002

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 23:52
Band homepage: Helion


  1. Dungeon
  2. Sands Of Time
  3. Shadows Of The Night
  4. Hope
Helion - The Shores Of Evermore
No, this is not a typo, it's not HELLION of Ann Boleyn (even though they, too, are back), but a new band from Finland based in Hämeenlinna, playing a kind of Progressive Metal, which is so to say "light Prog", meaning that they are not break monsters, but rather put more emphasis on a demanding composition instead of break-ing any records in complexity, which is quite nice in this particular sub genre.

So we can find four songs on this debut 4 tracker, the first of which, "Dungeon" reminds me a bit of Finnish countrymen TAROT in the riffing and partly also Kim Högberg's vocals, not very progressive in itself, because rather straight (despite being pure mid-tempo), but still mature enough to fall into this category. Following "Sands Of Time" even features some beautiful violin parts, in the guitar and mood bringing in some AMORPHIS-ms, bringing us a nice ride through acoustic, mellow and heavier passages, everything in a nicely laid back atmosphere, very nice.

"Shadows Of The Night" with its almost 8 minutes overall is for sure the most progressive song on this CD, still very accessible, but especially towards the end featuring some more extensive instrumental passages, but never taking off into higher spheres. During the length it continuously shifts and brings us different moods and colours, before "Hope" closes off "The Shores Of Evermore" as a beautiful ballad, which is unsappy and just, well, plainly beautiful.

Basically HELION bring everything that a young band has to bring forward to be a contestant for a contract, mature and good songwriting, very good musicianship, a professional appearance with the CD, artwork and all, so if you are open minded for "light" Prog Metal, then HELION are a band you should check out and this MCD is limited to 300 copies only, so be quick :) (Online April 11, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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