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One Step Beyond - Life Imitates Art (2,5/10) - Australia - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 36:29
Band homepage: -


  1. Cropsy
  2. Greed
  3. Rockstar
  4. Forecast
  5. Disillusioned Friend
  6. Prelude
  7. Infinite Illusion
  8. Psycho Sexual
  9. The Beyond
  10. Thoughts Lost In Time
  11. One Chance
  12. The Game
  13. Chaos Engine
One Step Beyond - Life Imitates Art
I honestly had no idea what to expect as I stared at the cover art to this album while inserting it into my CD player. As soon as it started I was completely thrown off. If there's ever been an appropriate time to use the expression "Don't judge an 'album' by its cover." then this was definitely the occasion.

Crunching guitar riffs along with a combination of growling and screeching vocals were hurled at me from all angles as I sat listening in disbelief to the sound that was blasting out of my speakers. By this time, track 4 had begun and I was completely and utterly thrown off yet AGAIN. Their style had changed through and through. Dark clouds began to form from above and I was greeted with a shower of unbearably horrible reggae *insert four letter word here *.

I quickly grabbed my umbrella and muddled my way onto track 5. I was enthralled to hear the wonderful sounds of Metal madness as the song started. Sadly, it didn't last for long. Only a minute into the song the reggae sounds decided to show up again. It was then that I began to wonder if the guys from ONE STEP BEYOND had somehow hooked up and made this album with the ever so untalented remains of California's SUBLIME.

Shaking my head in disappointment I began debating on listening to the rest of the album. I decided to go on with it, since there were only a few tracks left. Maybe if I were lucky there wouldn't be anymore unpleasant surprises. Boy was I ever wrong. Track 6 was absolute noise, and the following track consisted of nothing but more reggae music with Death Metal vocals. Still, I trudged on. Thankfully tracks 8 through 13 ranged from decent to exceptional. I seriously didn't know if I could handle anymore beach music.

This album really has its way of taking you on ups and downs. One minute it's one thing and another it's something else. About 40% of it was good material, and the rest made me want to turn on something that was actually worth listening to. I've read good reviews for this album, so obviously there are people out there who think this CD is the next best thing since sliced bread. That just wasn't the case for me. (Online April 24, 2003)

Jennifer Richards

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