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Enslavement Of Beauty - Megalomania (7,5/10) - Norway - 2001

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Head Not Found
Playing time: 56:54
Band homepage: Enslavement Of Beauty


  1. Dainty Delusive Doll
  2. The Venial Blur
  3. Late Night, Red Wine Blight
  4. Malignant Midwinter Murders
  5. Comme Il Faut
  6. Benign Bohemian Brilliance
  7. Prudence Kept Her Purity
  8. Seven Dead Orchids
  9. The Dying Buds Of May
  10. Fifteen Minutes
  11. Ye That Tempteth, Ye That Bequeth
  12. C17-H19-N03-H20
  13. Tangled In Grand Affection
  14. Crowd Of Mourners
Enslavement Of Beauty - Megalomania
What had I read somewhere? Black Pop. A quite disrespectful description of Norwegian ENSLAVEMENT OF BEAUTY's sound. But still it is not completely off the mark. For one they have a Black Metal-voice, yet the keyboards play a very strong role, mostly leading the melodies.

That they with this combine the extremes of malignity and loveliness makes the whole endeavour somewhat attractive, the war-caressing melodies of the keyboards and as partly quite crass contrast the malign voice of Ole Alexander Myrholt, which, for Black Metal itself, is not that extreme, but in combination with the music makes this seem even more so.

Musically the emphasis clearly lies on very catchy and melody-laden compositions, which, like mentioned before, the keyboards play a very important role, while the guitars revert to the rhythm-work. The songs overall have this sort of light, floating mood, which is very well shown by the middle-part of "Malignant Midwinter Murders". Somewhere I've read the comparison to musical decadence and this album truly is. The broad, melodic arrangements invite to revel in their beauty, the voice as very spicy addition, "Comme Il Faut" is the prime example for this. And with "Crowd Of Mourners" a title rounds off the album that truly lives up to its name, only keyboards and acoustic guitars, could be played at any funeral, great!

For some the voice will be too harsh, for others the music too soft, but who wants to open up to the loftiness of relatively light symphonic Black Metal should get the album he/she has been waiting for in "Megalomania".

Alexander Melzer

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