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Men Of War - Hail To Bännjerland (8/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 68:12
Band homepage: Men Of War


  1. Manowar
  2. Kings Of Metal
  3. Blood Of My Enemies
  4. Metal Warriors
  5. Gates Of Valhalla
  6. Wheels Of Fire
  7. Sign Of The Hammer
  8. Black Arrows
  9. Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
  10. Kill With Power
  11. Warriors Of The World United
  12. Thor (The Powerhead)
  13. Hail And Kill
  14. Battle Hymn
Men Of War - Hail To Bännjerland
The selfproduced album of the tribute band MEN OF WAR from Kaiserslautern should also be something for MANOWAR fanatics, who have everything of their faves, every snippet and every obscure cover version.

What the band around MURDER SHE WROTE guitar player (here Worms Logan) celebrates on this CD, is much better than versions of established bands! The guys keep close to the originals as it should be, because who needs musicians, who wants to put an own feeling into a simply perfect song? (Just think of the shitty cover version of JUDAS PRIEST's "Love Bites" by NEVERMORE...)

Except the "Louder Than Hell" album, the guys took songs from every album of the MANOWAR history and they do it very well. Equally, if they take "Battle Hymn" or "Warriors Of The World United", everything gets perfect. And it's much impressive, what singer Patrick reaches with his vocal chords.

And live, MEN OF WAR blow everything away! Who wants to have contact with them, please watch out for But how can I rate a cover album? Due to the effort it's 8 points out of 10. (Online April 28, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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