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Black Comedy - Synthesis (6/10) - Norway - 2002

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 30:15
Band homepage: Black Comedy


  1. Vigilance Is Flaw
  2. World In My Eyes
  3. Crawl To Exceed
  4. Equal To None
  5. Exploits In Frailty
  6. Inhale The Sulfur
Black Comedy - Synthesis
Glossy cover, everything looking very good, name BLACK COMEDY from Norway, sounds good, too. But whatever you would expect from that, it most probably comes different than thought, at least for me, because I had rather expected something spacey/futuristic and/or Gothic Metal, but that definitely is not what we get on "Synthesis"

I once read the description of "Cyber Thrash" and I must say that it is not that far off, pretty hefty stuff that we get from these guys, with a very dry production, which especially in the riffs and the drums shows a lot. Opener "Vigilance Is Flaw" shows us a mix of modern Thrash with modern keyboards, which at times have a light technoid touch in the verse and then in the chorus something that reminds me of newer IN FLAMES with the harmonies and even a little SOILWORK plays in there.

But do not think that it is in any way Death Metal that we get here, but a very aggressive brand of Metal, with the aggro vocals and guitars, complemented by the modern keyboards, yet still with those good melodies in the chorus, where also more melodic clear vocals are a nice twist to the sound.

Altogether BLACK COMEDY do not really fall into my favourite categories of Metal, but for what they are doing, they are really good and if you are into this style, then I recommend that you definitely check out BLACK COMEDY! (Online April 25, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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