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Made Of Iron - King Of All Kings (7/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 30:57
Band homepage: Made Of Iron


  1. Fight For The Cross...Die For Jerusalem
  2. Made Of Iron
  3. The Alchemist
  4. Peace In Flames
  5. King Of All Kings
Made Of Iron - King Of All Kings
Not long ago I had the chance to review MADE OF IRON's self titled debut EP and now I already have their second work "King Of All Kings". For my association play about how to point at their name and style, please refer to my other review, I'll concentrate on the music at hand for this one.

IRON MAIDEN still are the obvious major influence of this German quartet and there for sure are worse bands to be influenced by. And "Fight For The Cross…Die For Jerusalem" could just as well have stood on one of the earlier Dickinson albums of MAIDEN, of course not with the same quality yet, for that MADE OF IRON are still a newcomer band, which is growing into shape. Following is the band hymn "Made Of Iron" that already had been available on their debut.

"Peace In Flames" prominently features Jim's voice, which has this very own timbre, which at first sounds a little odd, but soon makes it somewhat a trademark for the band. Musically it again has those very distinct lead guitars and the rhythm, good one, too. Closing off is the nine minute mammoth "King Of All Kings", which lives up to the cover (looks very much like Ken Kelly, but I have my doubts it is an original ;), an epic in tradition of the long tracks of that certain British band, you know? Also very well done and Jim again shows that he can leave his personal imprint on the songs.

All the trademarks are there, pumping bass, straight, relatively simple rhythm, typical leads, so could you call MADE OF IRON the German answer to IRON MAIDEN? I would say no. Why? Because it would do them no justice as they still are at the beginning of their career and this heavy burden could prove too heavy for them to bear and live up to. So let's just say that if you like the Brits' sound, then you should also like MADE OF IRON and as MAIDEN do not sound like old MAIDEN anymore, who knows, maybe MADE OF IRON could follow up TIERRA SANTA in filling that "void" some time in the future. (Online May 7, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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