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Gama Bomb - The Survival Option (7,5/10) - Northern Ireland - 2002

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 05:27
Band homepage: Gama Bomb


  1. Hell Trucker
  2. Zombie Kommand
Gama Bomb - The Survival Option
Right well first let me say that there's not much I can say based on 5 and a half minutes worth of material. What I do hear on this demo from Northern Ireland's Thrash Metal men GAMA BOMB is some great NUCLEAR ASSAULT worship material consisting of good but standard Thrash Metal vocals, powerful mosh-friendly guitar riffs and short but skilful guitar leads.

Of the two tracks I'd say "Zombie Kommand" would be the better of the two as it just has that radio friendly catchiness that will leave it jammed into your head for hours after even your first listen.

If I had more from this band to comment on they probably would score higher as the two tracks here are very impressive and display openly the fact that GAMA BOMB have the talent to go all the way to the top. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys classic Thrash Metal from MEGADETH to NUCLEAR ASSAULT. (Online May 20, 2003)

Niall Kennedy

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