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Fester 2000 - Post-Nuclear Reality (6/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 38:05
Band homepage: Fester 2000


  1. Nightfall
  2. Ashes
  3. Codewort: Kampfbestie
  4. Virulent
  5. Dead Zone
  6. Malfunction
  7. Birth Of Eternity
  8. Endsville
  9. Ground Zero
Fester 2000 - Post-Nuclear Reality
A clear musical path is often what bands want to achieve. It gives them a sense of identity, a more definite musical structure and makes them easier to classify. Other bands write whatever comes out of their system, not putting any limitations or any boundaries to what their music sounds like. These bands often contain song sections that come out of the blue, disjointed parts that are out of left field, songs that are totally different from one another, etc.

Sometimes, a band that follows the second route succeeds greatly. They are hailed as musical geniuses, having created an album which is diverse and colorful, and is great to listen to again and again.

However, a band can also fall flat on its face. The music sounds lost. The riffs plod away with no clear direction, and the band's attempts to write different types of song just doesn't work.

FESTER 2000 unfortunately falls in the second category. The riffs go from clean sounding slow, beautiful and swanlike riffs to tremolo-picked fast Death Metal riffing to Hardcore-ish power chord sections to harmony sections. Normally, I would be slobbering like a dog over all this type of diversity and praising it to high hell, but not now, because all these sections just seem misplaced. Half the time, I just stare at my stereo and go 'This doesn't make sense at all! Why did they put (fast riff/slow riff/jazzy section) here? It just doesn't belong in this song!'. Not good.

The vocals are also a bother for me. There is the typical deep Death Metal grunt, however, it sounds forced and is not done properly. The singer just sounds silly doing so. The singer also tries to do this deep melodic singing voice (kinda like TYPE O NEGATIVE), but for some reason, he reminds me of KING DIAMOND's vocals. Probably because it is apparent that the singing used is not the person's natural one? And female vocals are present, most of the time singing the same thing that the Death vocals are, but it is a bit too high for my liking. There is also the Black Metal shriek, and that is the only one on that is enjoyable (if you like that type of vocals, of course).

This is a lesson on how a band can make something less enjoyable to going off in too many directions at once. (Online June 4, 2003)

Armen Janjanian

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