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Possession - Storm Of Hateness (6/10) - Austria - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 27:31
Band homepage: Possession


  1. Storm Of Hateness
  2. Burn Them All
  3. Battlefield Of Your Soul
  4. Night Of The Living Dead
  5. Sickness Of War
  6. The Graveless Dead
Possession - Storm Of Hateness
POSSESSION… The first thought that comes to one's mind is the panda bear fraction, division Austria, but no, this trio does not play Black Metal as one might expect (or fear, depends). Instead it is Death Metal that is on the menu from Sam, Chris and Senfgas.

Within the genre, POSSESSION cover almost the whole spectrum, but they mostly act in the powerful mid-tempo, backed by steady double bass and heavy riffing, actually the name BOLT THROWER more than once came to my mind when I listened to the six songs of this EP, they have a similar brooding atmosphere, pounding drums, massive riffing, deep vocals, actually one could take the Brits as possible comparison, yep.

Just take "Burn Them All" as very good example for this thesis, while "Night Of the Living Dead" speeds up things up a bit, while still generating a lot of power, which is further enhanced by the powerful production, which especially benefits the drums, which form a mighty pressure from the back.

Overall a complaint I could file would be that the songs sound a bit close to each other, but to come back to BOLT THROWER, theirs do, too, so sue POSSESSION, heh. But still, I am pretty sure that with a bit more experience under their belt, these three guys should be able to right this "wrong" still, too! So far a promising effort, which you should check out, if you like this form of Death. (Online July 21, 2003)

Alexander Melzer

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