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Winged Serpent Master - Serpent Sigil (1/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 35:01
Band homepage: Winged Serpent Master


  1. Immortal Dreams Of Revenge
  2. Wounded Heart
  3. Goddess Of Wrath And Vengeance
  4. In Darkness
  5. Mystery Of A Thousand Years
  6. Era To An End
  7. A Ritual Of The Ancient
  8. Black Swamp Of Sworn
  9. Descent Into Malevolence (Dark Underworld)
  10. Devastation Of The Blood
  11. Banished To Hades
Winged Serpent Master - Serpent Sigil
WINGED SERPENT MASTER is a relatively new Black Metal project from America. After his first longplayer "Enemy Of God" master Adhab Al-Farhan now blesses us with his second output "Serpent Sigil".

After listening to it, one question comes up: "What does it mean that I am so sad?" Apart from the dumb sound, which shows some parallels to DEMONIAC's "Prepare For War", especially the music is getting on my nerves - a LOT. The songs are bloodless and poor that the Lord, oops, sorry, Satan have mercy! Cheapest preschool riffs meet a weakly programmed drum machine, overlaid by the abysmal "vocals", which sounds like a donkey with a whooping cough.

No folks, this CD is as superfluous as the frightening emptiness in my wallet. And dear Adhab Al-Farhan should try to get a few suited companions to listen to his record collection intensively and then lock themselves up in the rehearsal room, so that the next one won't be such a zero.

Who now is really curious, because reviewers don't have any plan anyway, can try to get his own picture at (Online July 22, 2003)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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