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Knights Of Tethys - Salacia (8/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: Power Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 77:17
Band homepage: Knights Of Tethys


  1. Marching To Troy (Intro)
  2. Knights Of Tethys
  3. Shattered Highlands
  4. Diamonds In The Rough Seas
  5. Aquila, The Eagle
  6. The Punic Wars
  7. Posies In Thy Hand
  8. Hallow's Eve
  9. War Of Spanish Succession
  10. Orion, The Hunter
  11. Celestial Champagne
  12. Mig Alley
  13. Rebellion Of The Seven Kingdoms
  14. Marching To Troy (Outro)
Knights Of Tethys - Salacia
The band KNIGHTS OF TETHYS has only been founded in July 2002 in Thornton, Colorado, U.S.A. After their 3 song EP "Demo Crusades" we now finally can enjoy a full album. KNIGHTS OF TETHYS are not the most technical band that I know, but their music sounds damn honest.

If you have to drag out the hated title of True Metal, then here. Their music sounds very 80s like and not a bit polished. Fans of the more cranky stuff should love it, because here we get a steel thunderstorm full of power and dedication, turning your heads! KNIGHTS OF TETHYS are quite cranky and shit on all trendy streams, put some more weird stuff into their songs, so your nerves might get strained a bit here and there. Pretty weird! The sound is not the yellow of the dragon's egg, but somehow fits. Reminds me a bit of the legions of Greeks that also mostly have a weak sound, but still deliver the message.

With secret weapons like "War Of Spanish Succession", "Orion The Hunter" or the great ten minute epos "Rebellion Of The Seven Kingdoms" KNIGHTS OF TETHYS have called for the war against the unbelievers. Hail and kill! (Online August 21, 2003)

Ralf Henn

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